Pinterest-ing Tips for Business

Just when you think things have peaked – in this case the social media boom – somebody comes up and thinks of a way to make things more interesting. Case in point: Pinterest. While it can hardly stand shoulder to shoulder with giants like Facebook or Twitter, it certainly brings something new to the fold that could prove useful to businesses.

500 Million Tweeters Tweeting Tweets

In late February 2012, Twitter hit 500 million users. This milestone has cemented Twitter as a major Social Media player. With this large user base, companies should be seriously considering integrating twitter with their marketing strategies. Benefits of integration include increased followers, brand awareness, and potentially a better bottom line.

Social Media Mistakes for Business

While any kind of business can benefit from the use of social media, there is one aspect of it that many overlook – proper use. One does not simply use social media for business – it’s something that, like everything else in your operation, requires a certain degree of planning and correct implementation.