4 Screenshot tips for Mac

4 Screenshot tips for Mac

At one time or another everyone will need to take a screenshot. While most Apple users are aware that this function is possible, it can sometimes be difficult to take the screenshot you want. If this is a problem you have come across in the past, or if you are looking to learn how to take better screenshots, here are four tips that can help.

Forgotten your Apple ID? No worries!

iPad_Feb24_BWith most Apple devices there is at least one connection between all of your Apple devices and services and that is your Apple ID. This is an important account that you should definitely try to remember. The problem arises though if you don’t use this ID on a regular basis, which results in you potentially forgetting what it is.

Get more out of your Mac's battery

OSX_Feb17_BThe battery life of most MacBooks running OS X is in an enviable 9-12 hours or more. Perhaps it’s a pretty decent battery life for a laptop running at full-throttle, but over time battery life will dissipate. With the release of OS X Mavericks in 2013, the battery life of many laptops has improved, However, there are also other ways to save battery life too.